DIY Paper Triangular Gift Box for Ramadan and Eid using Printable Paper by Erum Khalili

Easy DIY Ramadan and Eid triangle treat packs 

Eid and Ramadan printable


DIY can definitely be intimidating but this craft is as simple as it gets! In fact it can be a great teaching tool for young children to be used in gift giving.

You can purchase printable eid and ramadan paper for under $5 here:

Watch this video or follow the steps listed below:



Straight edge cutter (a ruler,pencil and scissors combo can be used as an alternative)

1.Measure out your printable to be a rectangle.Sizing is totally up to how big you want it but in the video above ours is 6”x11”.
2.Cut along your measured dimensions using your scissors or straight edge cutter.
3.On the back side use a glue stick and glue down one long side and one short side that meet one another.
4.Flip over.Now matching the print fold the adhesive sides and the two shorter sides together and then the long side creating a 3 dimensional triangle structure .
5.Add the treat of your choice.This is the fun part here we’ve added candy but this can be good for any treats and party favor.And cute idea can be dates as the upcoming month of Ramadan is upon us!
6.Close the remaining or top with the adhesive of your choice along the two open flaps. And serve or enjoy!

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