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Erum Khalili

Huge Eid Coloring Poster | Coloring Table Cover | Free Shipping

Huge Eid Coloring Poster | Coloring Table Cover | Free Shipping

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Elevate your Ramadan and Eid celebrations with our spectacular Ramadan and Eid Coloring Sheet – a versatile masterpiece that doubles as a coloring poster and table cover. This amazing activity promises hours of interactive fun for Ramadan Iftar parties, Eid gatherings, classroom projects, and beyond. Once completed, turn your creations into stunning Ramadan decor by hanging them on your walls.

Product Details:

  • Generous Size: At an impressive 6X2.5 feet, this coloring sheet provides an expansive canvas for creativity, making it the perfect centerpiece for your festive occasions.
  • Durable Paper: Crafted from high-quality, durable paper, this coloring poster ensures that your artistic endeavors withstand the test of time, becoming a cherished part of your Ramadan and Eid memories.
  • Dual Functionality: Versatility at its best! Use it as a captivating table cover during your Iftar parties or hang it on the wall as a visually stunning piece of Ramadan decor after the coloring fun is complete.
  • Coloring Options: Explore your creativity with crayons, color pencils, and markers – the perfect trio of tools to bring the intricate designs to life with vivid and expressive colors.
  • Convenient Shipping: Shipped folded for your convenience, our coloring sheet arrives in impeccable condition, ready to unfold and unveil a world of artistic possibilities.

Ideal for: Designed for Muslim families and children, this coloring sheet is an ideal addition to your Ramadan and Eid festivities. Encourage creativity, bonding, and a sense of accomplishment as you collectively engage in coloring and decorating this vibrant masterpiece.

How to Use: Unfold the coloring sheet and lay it out as a captivating table cover during your Ramadan Iftar parties or Eid gatherings. Let family and friends express their creativity using crayons, color pencils, or markers. Once the artwork is complete, proudly display the finished masterpiece on your walls, instantly transforming it into unique and personalized Ramadan decor.

Make this Ramadan and Eid memorable with our incredible Ramadan and Eid Coloring Sheet – a delightful blend of creativity and celebration.

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